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What’s more fun than adopting Microsoft Lists at your organization? Leveraging prepared resources from Microsoft to help scale your Lists adoption - of course!


Lists is available 100% worldwide across all commercial, government, and education plans. Within Microsoft 365, Lists enables intelligent information tracking, with features to make organizing simple, smart, and flexible. And now that it’s here, it’s time to adopt it – at scale – across your entire organization. And we’re here to help.


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Screenshot of the new Microsoft Lists adoption center within


Visit the new Microsoft Lists adoption page – your hub of resources to help increase Lists awareness and usage in your organization, including:

  • Adoption playbook: Review best practices for the entire adoption process, from recruiting champions and building out scenarios to growing awareness and running training.
  • Day-in-the-life guides: Want to know how Lists is being used by Product Managers, Human Resources, Marketing, and Educators alike? The Lists Day in the Life Guides bring different use cases to life through a diversity of roles, scenarios, and industries to show how your organization can fully take advantage of Lists.
  • Quickstart guide: If you’re ready to start playing around with Lists, the Quickstart Guide is your map for navigating the basic interface and features of the app, both standalone and integrated in Microsoft Teams.
  • Adoption Templates: Begin your Lists rollout already equipped with a folder of email, flyer, and announcement templates, all written and designed to show off the main features of Microsoft Lists.


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Screenshot of the Lists Day in the Life flyers within


Additional resources

In addition to adoption guidance, you can learn more about Microsoft Lists and the rest of the Microsoft 365 collaborative portfolio:


CWM demo screenshot.PNG

Screenshot of the Collaborative Work Management Guided Simulation.


Start today. Implement a few key scenarios – like an issue tracker, an internal event schedule, or a new hires dashboard. The above will help accelerate the ‘what’ and ‘how’ so you can get more done with Microsoft Lists.


Happy tracking!


Andrea Lum, product manager – Microsoft

Occasional Contributor

@Andrea_Lum Do you know what the timeline is to add the Microsoft Lists iOS app (released to the Apple Apps store last week) as an approved client app. We were excited to see the app released but disappointed because our 40K+ employees cannot use the app until we can control it with Conditional Access policies. Thanks!

New Contributor

Adoption Page looks like a great ressource! Are there localized versions? While I myself as german consultant can go with english my customers cannot...



Intune device management support with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) policies are coming soon; Microsoft is currently working on getting the Lists app for iOS into the Intune console. Learn more here: how to enable Intune app protection policies (APP) with Microsoft Lists. 
Occasional Contributor

Thanks, @Andrea_Lum. We're using Azure Conditional Access policies and not Intune for managing Office apps. It looks from the comments on the page you linked that because the Lists app is not yet an approved client app for Conditional Access policies in Azure, the MDM and MAM policies aren't working quite yet either.


If you get a timeline for when Lists might be added as an approved app, please share that here and I'll keep an eye out for updates. Thanks again!


@m36five I don't have visibility into a public timeline, but the team is working on it. You can follow the Lists for iOS blog for updates regarding the status. Hope that helps!


@M. T. The adoption site is localized, and we're working on getting files/resources on the page completely localized as well. In the meantime, the Lists training articles are all localized, so that would be a good starting place.  

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