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I am having a issue that may lead to big complications for me and my team, and I cannot figure out the problem. 


We have an excel sheet where we continuously enter information based on customer responses. The problem is that we keep seeing information in the wrong rows. Initially, I thought this was just user error, but it has happened so many times now without anyone being able to recall making the error. In some cases the input error doesn't even make sense.


Therefore, I suspect there might be another issue. The excel file is located on SharePoint, and 2-3 people might be updating the sheet at the same time. We use filtering a lot, and sometime we copy paste information into multiple cells. 


I cannot find anything on issues similar to this, so I hope anyone here can help!

Let me know if you need additional information.





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If you copy data from a range that has been filtered, then paste it elsewhere, only the data from the visible rows will be pasted.


But if you copy data and paste it to a range that has been filtered, Excel will paste to all rows, not just the visible ones. So if you don't notice that the target range is filtered, you'll get unexpected/undesired results.

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks for the reply. 


I do not think this applies here. The following is the process, and the error we observe. We read a email regarding values A,D,G in Col1. Then, we filter to see these three rows and enter data into Col2 and Col3. Later, we see the values in three other rows, but not A,D,G. If it was due to the error you described, I assume we would see the values in many other cells, including the correct ones A,D,G?


That looks like a differet problem. I've never seen that happen...