Updating a cell on a different worksheet

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It's been a while since I've used Excel. A number of new things since then, and I'm having trouble with a formula. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I'm not finding an answer in the Help.


I'm trying to put together a very rudimentary "accounting" spreadsheet for a small business. I want to keep a running tally of certain items such as Bank Merchant Fees when I sell something. In my basic "checkbook" I have dropdowns for various vendors and accounts. So, if I add a merchant fee, as my example, I want the value subtracted from my running balance but also added to a running tally on a separate worksheet. In a cell to the right of the running balance, I added the following:


= IF(D3,(IF(C3="Bank Merchant Fee",General!B7=General!B7+D3,"")),"")


where D3 is the amount of the expense, C3 would have the account (in this case, Bank Merchant Fee, from a pulldown), and B7 on the General worksheet is the running tally of fees. If there's an expense in D3 but it's not a Bank Merchant Fee, then nothing should happen. However, when I test this, nothing happens at all. Period. I'm not seeing a value appear on the General sheet. 


What am I missing? Thanks.

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A formula on one sheet cannot directly set the value of another cell.

General!B7=General!B7+D3 does not assign a new value to General!B7. It is a comparison that returns TRUE or FALSE - in this case FALSE since D3 is not zero.

Do the following instead:

I assume that A7 on the General sheet contains Bank Merchant Fee. If not, enter it there.

In B7 on the General sheet, enter the formula

=SUMIFS('Check Book'!$D:$D, 'Check Book'!$C:$C, A7)

Replace Check Book with the real name of the sheet where you enter the categories and amounts.

If you have other categories in column A of the General sheet, you can copy/paste the above formula, or fill it down.

Thank you, Hans. I assumed that since you can pull data from a cell on a different sheet, that you could also put data into a different sheet. I will try this.