VBA /VLOOKUP with drop-down list on Cell

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dioselinemenasha_0-1639077060277.pngHello, I am trying to figure out either a vlookup formula or VBA code to display only rows that match the criteria of my drop-down list in cell C1. Column A contains the different options on the drop-down list. In reality I am updating the information on a different workbook and have set up this worksheet to update and I would like to be able to only show one department at a time so that I am able to share the information to each department manager individually. I appreciate any and all help


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I would suggest you use the FILTER() formula. If you can provide some sample data would be great.
Well, I am not sure what else other kind of data I can provide, the workbook is composed of 12 worksheets (January thru December) but they all have the same employee and I would like to just be able to pull (or show) one department's information to be able to share with the manager of that department. I have a drop-down list set up so that I can just change that and have tried different formulas including Filter to only show what is chosen from the drop-down list but nothing happens. I am unable to paste a snippet of my spreadsheet but I have the drop-down on A1 and the selection of each department is on column A from 11 to 200.