Unauthorized entries appear in my spreadsheet.

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At the end of each day's work I save my spreadsheet with tommorrow's date. As per usual I start off the day with the spreadsheet as per today's date. After a couple of hours work I notice entries appear that I have not put in and those entries are in the wrong date column which is how I know I did not enter them. I checked yesterdays spreadsheet and they were not present then. This is not the first time this has happened. Previoiusly I have been able to correct them manually. This time there are too many entries. Appreciate any help on how this might happen...Phil

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According to you, there could be many reasons.

It could be the workbook shared with other users to macros in the file with updates and/or additional access to your files.

However, without concrete information about the digital environment (Excel version, workbook extension, operating system, storage location, etc.) it is difficult to suggest any solution.


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Thank you for your observation>

My computer is an Acer Swift 5 i7 laptop with 16mb ram. The Excel version is via Office 365 and the workbook is not shared with anyone and is about 26mb in size. All files are stored in One Drive. The macros are simple just telling me the number of times a name is in a column.




It may be worth a look to open the workbook in Excel web app and check this:



Hi Patrick....Very insightful of you...thanks....I can see where those changes occurred and at what time which matches when I first noticed them. I certianly did not put them there intentionally as the columns are date columns and those additions are the wrong date and wrong colour. How it has happened I don't know...What I have learned form the experience is that I need to change the name of the file every couple of hours, so that in the event of something like this happening again I can minimise the amount of time lost and re start with the latest file that does not have those unauthorised changes Again thanks so much for your input...Cheers...Phil
Glad to help. It could be a OneDrive sync-related anomaly. Very odd.
Hi Patrick...As a follow up, do you if you can undo those changes by going to a point before those changes took place and restore you work to that point.....Phil

File | Info | Version History may have something.