Time conversion

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I'm trying to convert minutes:seconds into minutes

ex. In cell A1 "2:45.72" which is 2 minutes and 45.72 seconds. I've tried the formula =MINUTE(A1)*60+SECOND(A1). But that returns a value of 166 it dropped the decimal it should be 166.72?  I've increased the decimal places in the cell format but it is still rounding. 

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Sorry I mistyped I want to convert to seconds not minutes.


Use the formula


and format the cell with the formula as General or as Number with 2 decimal places.

(Excel stores times as numbers, with 1 day as unit. So to convert time to seconds, multiply with 86400, the number of seconds in 1 day)

A workaround:
=MINUTE(A1)*60 + SECOND(A1) + RIGHT(TEXT(A1,"mm:ss.00"),3)*1