conversion of time to a text string

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Need some help how to convert "2140:03:00" as shown in a cell formated as [t]:mm;ss, into a textstring showing "2140:03:00". 

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To convert a time value formatted as [t]:mm:ss into a text string showing "2140:03:00" in Excel, you can use a combination of the TEXT function and some string manipulation functions.

The TEXT function allows you to format numbers as text with a specified format.


If Cell A1 contains 2140:03:00 formatted as [t]:mm:ss.

In cell B1, enter the following formula: =TEXT(A1, "[t]:mm:ss")


This will convert the time value in A1 to a text string formatted as "2140:03:00".


Be aware that the TEXT function's format codes are locale-sensitive. The format code "[t]:mm:ss" should work in most locales, but if you encounter issues, check your Excel's locale settings.


Happy Excel-ing!

@NikolinoDE Thanks a lot. Works fine!