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Got a message that I needed to update this morning, I thought I was already working on most up to date version, but I clicked OK and updated office 365.


When I opened up my worksheet I looked at a threaded note/comment (white box with 'Post' button)  I had left on a cell last week. It has changed to a comment (the yellow box, I'm loosing track of which is which). It also shows this message on all the comments: 


[Threaded comment]

Your version of Excel allows you to read this threaded comment; however, any edits to it will get removed if the file is opened in a newer version of Excel. Learn more:


I no longer see any options for Notes. Not on the Review Tab,  shift-F2, or right-click menu. I can only open comments (yellow text box). 


I would like to see my comments as threaded notes again and start posting more. It looks like the most recent info from "Help" and the support pages is telling me that the threaded comments are the ones I 'post,' and the yellow text boxes are 'notes.' but when I insert a 'comment' it opens up the yellow text box and all the editing options are for 'comments' which refer to the yellow text box. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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So, you don't see Notes section on ribbon?




No, I do not. 


There were couple of discussions here. In brief, Notes shall appear soon. Try to restart. Check for another updates. Or just wait for a while.


@Sergei Baklan  do you know what is the properties value for the new Threaded comment box . I am working on VBA scripting and my scripts are looking for the old Comment box (which is note now). I need to know the properties for the new Threaded Comment box. 


Old comment Box properties vaue = .Comment.Shape.AlternativeText


Is there any way i can get it?


@Senthil_0072195 , sorry - nope, I don't know