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Trying to format cells for time (hh:mm) but when entering time, the =equals function also gets added and cannot clear this from the cell

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@StanZ0712 , you don't need any equals, it's like



@Sergei Baklan I know that but the =  seems to automatically appear ....I do not enter it manually.  It's like there is a hidden = format somewhere in the file..

@StanZ0712 , that's strange, there is nothing hidden in formatting. Could attach small sample file?


@StanZ0712 ,


Please uncheck Lotus compatibility setting for this sheet


, done in attached file.

With them = is added and you have something like =6:30, which means reference on range from row 6 to row 30

@Sergei Baklan 

That did the trick......thanks much.

@StanZ0712 , you are welcome

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