SUMIFS across closed workbooks

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Hello....I am SUMIFS but I am wanting to run across two workbooks (one of which would be closed).
SUMIFS will copy across but does not work.
Some help needed to get this one going?
Thanks :)

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@TFS1990 SUMIFS doesn't work on a closed file, period. A possible solution is to use PowerQuery (Data, Get Data, From File, From workbook) to fetch the data from wb2 into wb1 (on a separate tab) and then use the separate tab to do the SUMIFS against.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank you for the response not sure I can get this to work?
Any other alternatives maybe even using a different formula than SUMIFS to achieve the same result?
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@TFS1990 I would suggest to pull the relevant table into a separate worksheet using Data, Get Data, From File, From workbook. Then have your SUMIFS refer to that new table. You can set the new table to auto-refresh when the file opens.

Thank very much @Jan Karel Pieterse....will use that.