Get ISIN Number from Company name and vice versa

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I have an Excel sheet with over 300 US companies and their ISIN Numbers listed at the stock market which I have to verify.

Is there anyway to get the ISIN Number using the companies name or vice versa.

That way I don‘t have to manually google each company and compare the ISIN numbers.


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Well this may be a tad outdated, but it does work. I tested this on Excel 365/2021 You can use VLOOKUP. Excel says you have VLOOKUP(lookup value, table to lookup, col index number, range lookup) This roughly means VLOOKUP(Company name, Table of companies and ISIN, column of the ISIN in said able, exact or rough match) When I tested this, I made a 2 column 'array' with the letters a-z in column a, and the numbers 1-26 in column b. The total array was A2:B27 I marked a test lookup field F5, and a result field F6 In F6 I put =VLOOKUP(F5,A2:B27,2,FALSE) This causes it to take the value in F5, find it in the table, then look in the second column of that array (column b) and return the answer. The FALSE means an exact match, TRUE would be an approximate match. As I change the letter in F5, F6 updates with the numerical value. This might be a decent staring point. It is also possible to change your lookup field (F5 in my case) to a drop down of the companies, so you don't have to risk mistyping them. For this, select your input box (F5 for me) And go to DATA in the toolbar, and click on Data Validation. Chane the Allow to 'List', and the source to your address for company names, for me this was =$A$2:$A$27 Now you have a drop down list that when a company is selected, will populate your result field with the ISIN number. I pulled this info mainly from the online MS documentation of Excel functions, and a little testing.


If you need a way to avoid looking up those ISINs, I have an XLSX with 800,000+ ISINs listed. It's about 11 mb.

 Here's a sample of it. If this is the type of info you need, I can share the entire workbook.