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See this PR and blog for the latest announcement on Stocks Data Type in Excel


Animated screenshot of the Stocks Data Type in action in Excel.




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Love this function and using it to manage my own portfolio. Great replacement for the old yahoo webservice and super to have this integrated into Excel directly.


A few items would like to see in the roadmap


1. Live Stock Indices FTSE100, DAX, DJI etc.. if possible.

2. Adding the ability to auto-refresh specific stock data type (Price) cells every xx Minutes natively.

3. Historical price close data for a given date value

4. Dividend Yield Information (Yield, payment date when available...)




Anyone have a way to get dividend data into a spreadsheet?

@dniezby , @cuong ,


Is there a roadmap for when dividends and dividend yield will be added to Excel stock data types? About a year ago I wrote a bog post on the popular finance website Seeking Alpha regarding Excel stock types, and I received a lot of feedback that stock types won't be widely adopted until dividend information is included. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


A link to the blog post is below, please review the comments section.