Stocks Data Type in Excel


See this PR and blog for the latest announcement on Stocks Data Type in Excel


Animated screenshot of the Stocks Data Type in action in Excel.




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Love this function and using it to manage my own portfolio. Great replacement for the old yahoo webservice and super to have this integrated into Excel directly.


A few items would like to see in the roadmap


1. Live Stock Indices FTSE100, DAX, DJI etc.. if possible.

2. Adding the ability to auto-refresh specific stock data type (Price) cells every xx Minutes natively.

3. Historical price close data for a given date value

4. Dividend Yield Information (Yield, payment date when available...)




Anyone have a way to get dividend data into a spreadsheet?

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Is there a roadmap for when dividends and dividend yield will be added to Excel stock data types? About a year ago I wrote a bog post on the popular finance website Seeking Alpha regarding Excel stock types, and I received a lot of feedback that stock types won't be widely adopted until dividend information is included. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


A link to the blog post is below, please review the comments section.




Dividend Yield Information is very important!
Dividends per year and last dividend are vital pieces of data for those trying to live on fixed income etc