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As far as i can work out "sortby"  can only use 2 sort arrays, but i need to use 3 sort arrays, does anyone know if this is possible with Sortby

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You can specify many ranges to sort by. For example:


=SORTBY(A17:G250, I17:I250, 1, K17:K250, -1, M17:M250, 1, N17:N250, -1)


This will sort the range A17:G250, first ascending by I17:I250, then within that descending by K17:K250, next ascending by M17:M250 and finally descending by N17:N250.

Thanks but excel 365 will NOT let me go beyond [using your example] column K, it will not permit me to add M and N it gives me the message "you can't change part of an array", i have set out my formula just as you have done but get that message thus not allowing me to go beyond two arrays to sort.


Try deleting the formula from the range first, then enter it anew.

i did that, initially it would not work, however since i closed down the spreadsheet re-opened it and retyped the formula it has worked - thanks for your input!