Solicitud de ayuda con excel

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Hola lo que sucede es que he intentado de muchas maneras hacer una grafica y sale algo sin sentido; ya he intentado en la version web, ya cambie puntos con comas, ya la hice manualmente y sigue sin sentido y ya la he invertido pero nada. Por favor escribirme a mi correo 

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@Carlos_Pabon All the 'numbers' you are trying to chart are in fact texts. Hence all lines are plotted with zero values.


I suspect that your locale requires the decimal comma rather than a decimal point. Although you mentioned you already tried replacing points with commas the cells could still be formatted as Text. 


Set the format for B3:D23 to General and replace the points by comma's. F2 on each cell in the range and press enter. That would take no more than a minute. Alternatively, use Text-to-columns (on the Data/Datos ribbon) to transform the texts to real numbers.



Intenté lo que mencionas, pero no funciona, no comprendo lo que mencionas de "data/datos ribbon"