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Sharing Excel file with editing one cell without downloading

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Hello Community,


I'm trying to see if I can give edit access to specific cells (1 or 2) BUT I do not want them to download the file.  They could print or Save in PDF if this is possible but NO download


I see that we need to give full access or read only


Is it a way to choose more specifcialy what permission on the Excel doc ?


Thanks in advance


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Not sure what your intentions are. If you allow multiple people to edit just two cells, you will only ever "see" the last edit (unless you plan to use the change history to see what others may have entered). In short: Can you elaborate your goal?
Hi Jan,

This is for a payment calculator that they will edit the amount that they would like to have payment for

Just want them to edit Equipment Cost and payment calculate automatically
I do not need to see any history

I do not know if I could upload a picture in this chat box

@Carl_Morissette You could use something like this perhaps?

(note that it won't disallow people from downloading the file, but it'll make it harder)