Selected data is not shown in Excel graph

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I have selected a label row and a data row. I have literally done dozens of these files already, but suddenly my template is not working. After 15 minutes of googling, cleaning my data, re-downloading, re-cleaning and even trying to edit the data range for hand several still doesn't show. What is the issue here?




Labels are removed for privacy concerns, but you can tell that only the two columns to the right actually show up, despite all four being selected. I am stuck.


Srsly, Microsoft? I didn't add a label to this submission and got blocked from posting because I tried to submit twice within 300s. But that was because the site asked med to post labels! Now, I was blocked for trying to post again within 900s. WTF.


Anyway, in the meantime, a solution has appeared so I will post this just in case someone else has the same issue: One of my columns doesn't have the 3,8 data format, but 3.8. That's a source issue and now everything works well again.

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