Results differ when pointing to a calculated cell using decimals.

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I am working on a spreadsheet to work out yearly salary over time.

I have a cell with this formula: =A1*8*260

If A1 contains 8.01 then the formula returns the correct answer of 16661

If A1 contains the formula B1*0.8 (which equals 8.01) it returns the wrong answer of 16657

If I use a whole number, then both versions return correct.

There seems to be an issue of using decimals, which change the results.


Has anyone seen this before and/or have a solution?


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Excel calculates correctly.
The "issue" is you probably formatted the cell with 2 decimals, but the underlying numbers probably have more decimals.


It is just rounding error.  Show more decimal places for each of your numbers and you will see that the values and the calculations based upon them are slightly different.