Problem with Excel external links with MsProject

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to have real-time data update of my plannings created by Ms Project. I use the external link : copying the cell of MSProject and using a special paste with a link on a cell in Excel :




It works in a small amount of data, but since I tried to do it 20 MS Project files with 8 links each = 160 dynamic links, it doesn't work.


The problem occurs when I try to update the data: It does work for a small amount and the others have an "#REF!" error. Another problem occurs now, is that when I try to paste new dynamic link, it copies a random dynamic link.
My questions are the followings : 
- There is a limit of external connections ?
- There is a proper way to link data from Project to Excel ?

- Do you see another solution for my problem ?

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