Excel - unable to open a file

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File in listed in Excel, unable to open, overwriten by a message - " This workbook has been deleted or is not currently available. "

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Well, that is exactly what is going on: the file is no longer there. Excel does not remove items from the recently opened files when a file is deleted. You can right-click the item in the list and choose "Remove from list".
The file that I cannot open is overwritten by a mressage. " This workbook has been deleted or is not currently available. " It has not been deleted.


Did you search for the topic on the web?

If no: Why not?

If yes: Did you try the proposed solutions?

  If no: Why not?

  If yes: What were the results?


All those items have been pursued along with discussions with Apple and Microsoft.


I am afraid you will not find anyhing new in this community.


Thank you

@Anthomy_Issitt I advise you to double-check. Perhaps the file has been renamed (or really deleted!). Excel does NOT keep track of files that have been renamed or deleted from outside of Excel.

Try this:

  • Open a blank workbook
  • Save the file as (for instance) "My book 1.xlsx" in any location.
  • Close Excel
  • Open Windows File Explorer
  • Go to where you just saved the file
  • Rename the file to (for example) "My book 2.xlsx"
  • Now open Excel and click on the File tab. You should see "My book1.xlsx" in the list
  • Click it
  • You should get the exact same error message