Printout Template with Cell Data

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I have a pretty basic but effective work order system I've been adding onto over the years. Right now I am using a main form to fill out a bunch of part numbers , quantities, and revision numbers etc, that I just 'copy' onto multiple sheets in the respective fields. Depending on how many parts (ex. 5 parts = 5 sheets) I highlight all the sheets I have data in and print the job travelers accordingly. I have up to 50 parts in a given work order so creating these can be tedious... Im looking to just simplify it.


I want to create 1 template in the workbook, and use the main work order form to autofill the cell block data to be able to print out 50+ work orders with 1 print out, rather than highlight the sheets. Im not good a VBA but im sure that's how this would be done but I wasn't sure if there was an easier way... Thanks ! 

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