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I'd like to print the top three rows of my spreadsheet at the top of every sheet that prints.  Is this possible and how can I do it.  Many thanks for any help.  Joe

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On the Page Layout tab of the ribbon, in the Page Setup group, click Print Titles.

Click in the 'Rows to repeat at top' box, then point to rows 1 to 3, or type $1:$3 in the box.

Then click OK.

This is a worksheet setting, you have to set it for each sheet separately.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Many thanks Hans and I'll give this a try.  Joe

Hi Hans, the fix you explained works fine but what also prints are the column headings A,B,C etc and the row numbers. These I don't want. Can you help with this too? Many thanks. Joe


On the same tab of the ribbon, in the Sheet Options group, clear the check box Print under Headings.



Thanks again Hans and like the first solution you gave me, this too worked perfectly.
Betst wishes