Powerpivot not showing in ribbon

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Hi there


Been going round in circles trying to work out why powerpivot isn't showing within excel.


Found this link - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Where-is-Power-Pivot-aa64e217-4b6e-410b-8337-20b87e1c2a4b - which seems to indicate that it should be available for any 365 version that has desktop as part of it (mine does - Office 365 Home).


There was a lot of posts around the place prior to this year where it looked like powerpivot was NOT a part of Office 365 Home - but the link I put in indicates from 8th January 2019 it should be.


Is anyone able to tell me if my Office 365 Home should have PowerPivot or not?  I'm trying to update some work files, but I can't because of th

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Yes, Power Pivot shall be on Office 365 Home. Check File->Options->Add-ins->COM Add-Ins (drop-down list at the bottom)->Go and here you'll see is it in the list or not. If here and not checked, check it, all Ok:s and restart Excel.

@Sergei Baklan  thanks for that.


I have tried the steps you have suggested.  It does not appear in the COM addins, and it does not appear in the Disabled addin section either.


I have also uninstalled office and reinstalled it.


Any other ideas I can try?

I have a hunch that the article at support.microsoft.com is simply incorrect misinformation and PowerPivot is still limited to enterprise class 365 plans and standalone copies of Office Professional. 


I've tried using a 365 family plan as well as a 365 Business Standard plan and neither one work. It DOES work when I buy/install a standalone copy of Office Professional (non-subscription). INSANE that I have to buy office multiple times when Microsoft's own site says it should be included.


I appreciate some time has passed but I hope this helps someone. To solve the issue of missing Power Pivot tab:

  1. File>Options>Ad-ins
  2. Highlight Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel (+ any additional options you find useful)
  3. Click Go...
  4. If Power Pivot tab is still missing from the working environment then on the excel ribbon, go to: Developer>Com Add-ins
  5. Check the boxes for the Add-ins you want to enable (including Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel)
  6. Click Ok and the tab should appearPower Pivot Missing Tab Solution.png



The issue is still present for even through dev option, here is a screenshot. I am on Excel 2016 Screenshot 2022-01-16 230749.jpg

@MidisG82 My suggestion resolved the issue for me on the latest version of office 365 - perhaps different problem for excel 2016 - sorry didn't help you!



So, I just had this problem and resolved it by doing:


Developer > COM Add-ins, and just Unselecting "Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel" and hitting [OK], then going back in there and selecting it again. Little buggy for sure but Power Pivot now shows in my Ribbon.