Need to type in as military time: 1330 and have it show as military time 13:30

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I have seen multiple posts about "converting" from 12 hour clock to 24 hour clock, but my need is different: I automatically time time as, for example 1:30 pm, I would simply type 1330; I need excel to see the 1330 and understand it is 1:30 pm, but show as 13:30. Is this possible? Thank you!

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See the second part of Date And Time Entry . Simply format the cells as hh:mm instead of h:mm am/pm.


If you type 1330 into Excel it will be read as 'one thousand three hundred and thirty' and not as a time.  To convert that to a time value (as a fraction of a day) you could use

= TIME(QUOTIENT(timeInput,100),MOD(timeInput,100),0)

or, using 365,

= TimeValueλ(timeInput)
where TimeValueλ
= LAMBDA(timeInput,
      hours,   QUOTIENT(+timeInput, 100), 
      minutes, MOD(timeInput, 100), 
      TIME(hours, minutes, 0)

The number formatting still has to be "hh:mm"

@AprilIris  wrote:  `` I need excel to see the 1330 and understand it is 1:30 pm, but show as 13:30``


As I understood it, you are starting with 1330, not 1:30 PM.


So, simply changing the format to hh:mm is not a solution.


Moveover, simply changing the format to 00\:00 would change the appearance to 13:30.  But Excel would still "understand" the value to be 1330, not 1:30 PM.


IMHO, you must use a formula to convert the number 1330 to the time 13:30.


For example, if 1330 is in A1, enter the formula =--TEXT(A1, "00\:00") in B1 and format as Custom hh:mm.


Then, column B, not column A, has the required military time.


You could copy the values in column B and use paste-value to overwrite the original values in column A.  Then delete the values in column B.


Then, column A has the required military time.


It would be possible to implement a VBA procedures ("macro") to automate this conversion.