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No RAND understand I want to rearrange the cells, and I have enough RANDs. RAND does not work for A1-D113. I want the passwords to get randomized so nobody will be like "oh here the passwords only start with numbers! And the forth character is always uppercase!" Don't bring up values, what's in the box doesn't matter, what matters is the cells start moving.


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If you want to randomize the order of cells in a range in Excel, you can maybe use the SORTBY function.

This function sorts an array based on the values in a corresponding array.

You can use the RANDARRAY function to generate an array of random values to use as the sort order.

Here’s an example formula that would randomize the order of cells in the range A1:D113:


This formula sorts the range A1:D113 based on an array of random values generated by the RANDARRAY function.

The size of the random array is determined by the number of rows and columns in the range A1:D113.


I hope this helps!