Power Query what is faster for 2nd query ? Reference or source table from output of 1st query ?

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I know that power query will refresh the first query on all referenced query.

Meaning, if  you have a "main" query and then transformations in multiple query, the "main" will be refreshed every time. Slowing down your process.


Is it better to output the first query to a table and then use that as a source for the other queries ?

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It all depends on concrete situation. If "main" query returns more or less static data and you are in Power BI environment it's better to use dataflow with few times per day refresh.

Table in the grid could also be used, but on Refresh All I don't think it gives any benefits.

To get preview in PQ faster you may disable background refresh to force use caches.

With referenced queries and main data source if it's supports query folding try to keep it as long as possible.

I was talking about an Excel environment.
I do not have Power Bi as our business use Tableau instead.