Power query multiple pdf files

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I need to help sorting below data into dates and hours

Separate pdf file for each date, is it easier to export them separately? Date is in the pdf file but not in the table I'm trying to export


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Could you please clarify what exactly you'd like to do - get content of the PDF file and extract some information from it; or convert name of PDF file into the date; or something else?

@Sergei Baklan 

I have 7 pdf files for each day. I need the data in them categorised into hourly instead of half an hourly 


So, on your screenshot you'd like Column2 and Column3 to be presented on hourly basis, first column doesn't matter? If so, what is in column 3 - min, max, average, sum, something else?

Column 3 has half an hour sales, need half an hour sales combined to hourly sales


If something like


and without coding, that could be done as in attached file