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hi, is it possible to import a formula that is within a pdf document into Excel to then be able to use that formula for calculations? This is to prevent the transcription of complex formulae into the excel document. Thanks.

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It is possible to import data from a PDF file into Excel using the built-in feature in Excel.

You can do this by going to the Data tab in Excel, clicking on Get Data, then From File, then From PDF. This will allow you to select the PDF file you want to import data from.

Once you have selected the file, the Navigator window will appear, showing a list of all the data sets that Power Query has found in your PDF. 

You can then select the item or items that you want to import and click on Transform Data.

However, this feature is only available to Office 365 subscribers since August 2020.

It is not clear from your text whether it is possible to paste formulas from a PDF into your Excel. In Excel from Office 365 (the version with subscription) there is a tab with which you can get data from Data/From File/From PDF/From PDF. Announcing data import from PDF documents.


I hope that I could help you with this.

@NikolinoDE UGH! I tried this, since I was trying to do this. It did not work as expected. 


It tried to create multiple tables and none of the data was present, it was all ascii chars. 


Using Adobe cloud to convert was accurate and less painfull - no need to select tables or data or whatever MS excel was tring to do. 


Yes, I do have Office 365 subscription. 


I would really like this feature to be painless or seamless - now that every thing has AI - this mundane task can be handled properly without too much of human input. 


Also, if we are working with sensitive data or financial information, using cloud is out of quesiton.