Outline (group) data in a worksheet

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I am using a worksheet that has the subtotals above the detailed data... I want to Outline Group the data to the subtotals.... In one tab, I can do it easily. However in the 2nd Tab, when I try to group, the data does not group with the subtotal above it. It groups with the row below the detail.


Here are 2 screen shots -  The first tab worked and grouped the correct data. The 2nd did not. How do I group the data when the subtotal is above the detail?


pic 1.JPGpic 2.JPG

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@Teamville Use "Auto Outline" rather than just Group. That should put the plus/minus button in the row where the sub-total formula is entered. The picture below shows some data and formulas entered in a new worksheet. I selected rows 1 through 14 and presses Group, Auto Outline.