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Excel 365 Autofill

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How do I autofill by adding one day to previous day. ie. 05.08.22 is the last date in cell and I want to autofill down with 06.08.22, 07.08.22 etc

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@clndeakhotmailcom If the first cell is a real date you can just drag it down and Excel will automatically increment the date by one day for every row.


when I fill down using in the handle in bottom right of cell, the date is only filled down by adding the year, not one day. I am doing Edit, Fill, Series with column, Date, Day buttons selected and Step value 1.

I am using Excel for Mac, v 16.63.1 and am a 365 subscriber 


From your description it sounds as if Excel has only recognised your data as text and not a numerical date.  As a 365 user, you do have an alternative to fill down, namely an array formula.  For example

= SEQUENCE(100000,,startDate)

will give a column of 100000 days without any filling down.  Then again, you may not be especially interested in the year 2296!

For me I just put date in were i need it then then on bottom right corner of that cell their a little square, I just left double click on it and it autofill's down till next empty cell beside the date that will contain the date. can click on first date and right click and format cell then date and use what way you would like date to show.
Thanks, sorted