nth Largest value with conditions

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Hi. I'm working with a data set from a game that contains player ability ratings, names, positions and a couple other values as well. I am able to get the nth values for each team, but would like to add a condition so that some positions don't appear too often when getting them, so it better reflects how a team would choose their team for a game. For example, the 20 largest values (rating) with a maximum of three players who play goalie. Thanks

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Please attach your sample file with manually entered results.



Some time ago I created a tutorial about finding the Nth. Highest or lowest value and be able to change the number with a spin button on the fly.

here is the link to my tutorial:



Hope that helps

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I cannot understand this part: 

"For example, the 20 largest values (rating) with a maximum of three players who play goalie."

Please clarify by manually entering your desired results so that I can decide on the appropriate formula for you to use.

@Twifoo Here's an updated version with the conditions I'd like to apply and two fake teams who violate the parameters


I presume you want to return the results of Columns AS:AY. What's the logic for 80, 78, and 20 in AS4, AT4, and AX5, respectively?


Yes, I would like to return those values if the conditions are violated in the top 20. Those values are less than the 20th place and wouldn't show just based on a LARGE formula