Needing Help having Master tab copy rows to other sheets based on code entered.

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I am needing to build a new spreadsheet for myself that talks to each other entirely. I know there are many people WAYYYY more knowledgeable than I am in excel and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some help here. 


I am needing to create a spreadsheet that I am able to enter various tasks into one tab(sheet) and based on one of the columns entries, it will then copy that line over to another tab(sheet) to keep everything for that code organized. Additionally, the final tab(sheet) will be compiled of all the tasks, whether open or completed. Lastly, seeing as the master would be tied to all of the various sheets, how would I remove a row once that task is completed, but not remove it from the coordinating tabs that it had been copied to? 


If I am even making sense to anyone please help :) If not, I am sorry. Haha



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This is one of the most popular requests on this forum.  This can task can be handled with FILTER. I've attached a demo workbook.


Before you undertake this project, I ask you to consider the arrangement of the workbook.  Excel is capable of housing 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns - that's 17,179,869,184 cells on a single sheet!  There's plenty of room for most any data set.


It's best to keep data that has the same field headings in 1 central location because it's easier to analyze it.  If you need to view subsets of the data, you can filter, sort, create a pivot table, analyze with formulas, etc.  Dynamic arrays are great and can make this silky smooth but why copy the data to multiple sheets if it's not needed.