Need to find a formula

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I have a column of grades that are in text format as Pass or Fail.  My instructor wants me to use a formula to determine whether or not the average grade is a passing one based on the one column.  What formula would I use?

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The best function to use is IF function. In the attached picture, I created a similar data and used IF function to return with pass or fail based on the cut-off mark. Kindly let me know if this is helpful







Thank you so much for the help.  I had been looking through all of the different IF functions and eventually figured out that the formula was supposed to be based on the number grade.  The text is written in a bit of a confusing way but it got sorted out.  I also decided to purchase a book that has all formulas for the excel program.  I found it on amazon and it got excellent reviews.  I hope that it helps in the future.  

You're welcome friend