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I have an If sentences here: 



* I want to print out the cost value below the "0000-00".  If the logical are correctly. My sentence works fine, until the cost column has two "0000-00" under eachother (see 2. picture).


* Someone who can help? :)





2. picture:






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Hi Kevin, in your IF() question you refer once to a text "4410" and once to a number 4410. I don't know if this solves the problem yet, because I couldn't understand what you want to achieve at all. Perhaps you could describe the desired goal a little better.



Shouldn't lines 8 and 9 read as follows?





It also looks like the first table has a hidden E column but it does not look like the second table does.  Are these the same table or is the second image a different table?  Is it really F & G or are the last two columns E & F?

(sorry I should have noted here that I put the lines 296 & 297 on line9 and 10 of my sample)

Also Keep in mind that lines 296 and 297 ALL Column are the same. So if you are testing B9=B10 (True), F9=4410 (True), G9<>(not equal to) "0000-00" (False) So you should get the . if your formula was correct everywhere else. The same is true for B10 because both B10=B11 and G10<>"0000-00" are false.


Hope this helps.


Hi, thanks for replying.

My goal is to print out the cost value under the row that contains "4410", if the bunt in column 1 and 2 is eaqual to eachother.

Your file printed out the correct one :)

For example: