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This is in need of help. I am not proficient in M ​​language. I am trying.


I think there is a problem in this part.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------


I want to get a result like in the picture.

multiple results..PNG




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Hi @deniztopcu 


Please re-share your files with i.e. with OneDrive, Google Drive... The links you provided are obviously not secured. Here is what I get after clicking on the Download button:



thanks for the warning.
I made the change.
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Hi @deniztopcu 


Assuming I understood the attached Power Query solution should do what you want


- In the Query Options, Privacy Levels  are ignored to avaoid a Firewall error that would not be easy to fix in your scenario (let me know if this is really an issue)
- It seems ARASE has no data before last quarter in 2021

There was a little mistake (no impact on the result) in one query. Revised version uploaded in my previous reply
Hi Lz.
Thank you. It gave the desired result.
Can we find a solution other than "ignoring Privacy Levels".
I don't know, How dangerous can it be for me.



Attached is the same approach not ignoring Privacy Levels

You're welcome @deniztopcu 



- Can we find a solution other than "ignoring Privacy Levels" - I don't know

See my previous reply
How dangerous can it be for me

If you only pulls the prices to your Excel sheet there's no risk

Hi @L z.
Thank you so much. For your efforts in this thread. A very positive result for me.
Glad I could help & Thanks for providing feedback