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I have some quantities in each column from B to H,  if the value is greater than 6 I would like to divide with 6 and sum the value in all columns to J. For that I had used this formula. Is there a possibility to make this simpler …

I had used this one as mentioned below. Looking for a simpler one.


I tried with sumif as well ... but something is mistake the formulae is mentioned below


Thanks in advance...

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You can try this formula for the data layout of the example. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021.




@Rudrabhadra  wrote: ``=(IF(B7>6,ROUNDDOWN(B7/6,0),0))+....``


Ostensibly, simply normally-enter (just press Enter as usual) the following formula:


=SUMPRODUCT(--(B7:H7>6), ROUNDDOWN(B7:H7/6, 0))


The double negation ("--") converts TRUE and FALSE to 1 and 0, as SUMPRODUCT requires.


But if B7=6, do you truly want zero instead of 1?!


If you actually want 1 and each of B7:H7 is never negative, the formula can be simply:



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Alternatively, with Excel 2021 or 365


in J7:

=SUM(ROUNDDOWN(IF(B7:H7 > 6, B7:H7/6, 0), 0))