How to Replace Text in One Column Completely?

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Hi everyone!


I have a small problem of efficiency and I hope you can help.

We get orders for our products in feet and the format is something like this 2' X 3'. Sometimes it is really wild like 7'-6" X 9'-6" (feet)

We have to convert the sizes to cm for our suppliers, so we manually change 2' X 3' to 60 x 90 (cm).

I have a list of the corresponding sizes, so I know that 2'-3" X 10' is supposed to be sent as 70 x 300

I want to make the process of this conversion faster. There are a lot of different sizes, but they are always in a single column, somewhat like so:

Braided Yellow2'-3" X 22'20
Interweave Red5' X 8' Oval10
Vernon Multi7' X 7' Square5

Is there something I can do to automate this text replacement?




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Is this similar to what you are looking for?



Yes! I gotta use vlookup?