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Good morning,

I would like to receive assistance on my formula. I'm trying to get data from another worksheet that is in B1:B15. I wrote down the formula: =IF(MOD(ROW(),15)=1,VALUE(INDIRECT("'"&B16&"'!B1:B15"))) but every time I drag down I receive(attachment 1 & 2): 


... .



Is there any way to automate this formula or should I use different approach to this problem?

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Instead of filling down, copy the formula from C16 to C31, C46, etc.

Or change the formula in C16 to


=VALUE(INDIRECT("'"&OFFSET(B16, -MOD(ROW()-1, 15), 0)&"'!B"&MOD(ROW()-1, 15)+1))


and fill down.


In general it could be done as



  sheets, TOCOL(B:B,3),
  first, @TAKE(sheets,1),
  rest,  DROP(sheets,1),
  values, LAMBDA(sheet, VALUE(INDIRECT("'"&sheet&"'!B1:B15"))),
  stack, LAMBDA(a,v,VSTACK(a,values(v)) ),
  REDUCE(values(first), rest, stack )


Or, if sheet names in column B are in the same order as they are in workbook, that's just


where A is the first sheet and B is the last one