MINIFS Function not found in Office Home & Student 2021

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I just purchased and downloaded Office Home & Student 2021 but cannot find the MINIFS function. How can I get access to this function in the latest download?

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Are you using Excel with an English user interface? If not, you will have to find out the translation of MINIFS in your language version of Excel. For example in Dutch Excel this is MIN.ALS.VOORWAARDEN.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Yes, its all English (I'm based in the US). Are you a Microsoft employee? When I was chatting yesterday with Microsoft Help Desk (they couldn't help me with the problem) they provided this link. I was told Microsoft employees could assist with my issue in this forum.


@RDO3691 No I'm no MSFT employee. I think you will find most people here aren't.

In my Excel, MINIFS is found through the formulas tab, More functions menu item, Statistical menu item. Is it not there for you either?

What if you select an empty cell, press Shift+F3 and type MINIFS and press Enter, does it find it?