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Hi there, 
I need your help I need to calculate the mean of SOME numbers of a column can I on excel? 

i' m explaining better, I have in the same column datas that belong to 2 different group I would like to choose all the boxes that belong to one group (the number 1 on an other column) and calculate the mean, and then the others separately. 
Can I do it modifying something in the formula ?

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Let's say that your values are in D2:D100.

You should have (or create) another column that specifies which group the values belong to. For example in G2:G100 you could have 1 if the cell in column D belongs to one group, and 2 if it belongs to the other group. Of course, you can use other indicators, such as Y and N, or M and F, etc.

The mean of the first group is returned by

=AVERAGEIF(G2:G100, 1, D2:D100)


=AVERAGEIF(G2:G100, "Y", D2:D100)

etc., and that of the other group by

=AVERAGEIF(G2:G100, 2, D2:D100)