Maybe IF Function?

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Hello, I need guidance. I am trying to make it so that if a cell in column A, B, C are selected, the information in cells D and E will auto populate. 

excel example.png

This is a screenshot of my excel document. A, B, & C are drop downs. I want it to be so that if I select, for example, H2099 in column A, HT3406 in column B, and 30K 67'Lx9.1'D @ 84,000 in column C, then columns D & E will auto-populate with the gross weight of the steer and drive; information I have yet to put in. 

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Please show us where the formula will find the gross weight of the steer and drive for each combination of truck, trailer and tank size.

I've not entered the info yet as I don't have it, but it will be beside the dimensions in column c.


I'm afraid that's too little to go on.