Accessing Web Content - Consistent Login Requests

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Hi all

Hope you are well and can maybe understand this one.


In my workplace, I have a master spreadsheet that needs to be "queried" from another spreadsheet.


The way I gone about this is using the "web content" function.


The master spreadsheet is located on my OneDrive and I have shared / allowed access to all my colleagues who need to access the data via another spreadsheet.


I have then in the end user spreadsheet made a data connection to the Sharepoint URL of the master spreadsheet. All the relevant sheets are imported and updated perfectly upon opening.


However,  despite me setting the web content method as "Organizational Account", randomly and frequently the attached error is being shown to my colleagues when opening the end user spreadsheet.

They then have to click "Organizational account" > "Sign in" > Connect.

This works most of the time, other times it just refuses and repeats the message attached.



Is there a better way of linking my OneDrive master spreadsheet to the end user one? Or is there any advice on how to fix this error? Changing the "level to apply settings to" sometimes works, other times does not. I am unsure why excel is constantly not being able to access my OneDrive master file.


Your support would be most appreciated






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Anyone able to advise?


Depend on link you use to access the file. If we are speaking about Excel file on SharePoint you may open it, File->Info->copy path and use it removing ?web=1 at the end.

Alternatively you may copy the path from the bottom of Details pain in SharePoint.

In any case URL taken from browser with


inside won't work.