Mail Merge using Multiple Rows

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I have attached this file where I would like to mail merge the first 3 rows of data into 1 word document. is this possible ?

I can manually create 2 additional tables on the right side with the same data and achieve what I want but maybe there is a better way of solving this.


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Transform the data to nine columns wide by 3 rows with column headers like this:


ID1 Name1 Amount1 ID2 Name2 Amount2 ID3 Name3 Amount3


and then create the Word doc with mail merge placing these nine fields on each page where you want them.

thank you though I already had this idea as explained above by creating additional tables on the right.

@A_SIRAT Oh, then I didn't understand what you meant by "create 2 additional tables on the right side". My thinking was to create one table with nine columns. 


Never mind, but I believe that's the only way.