IMAGE function not working in Excel desktop app. Trying make custom QR labels using Word Mail Merge

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Howdy All,


So I recently came across the IMAGE function as a way to generate bulk QR codes in excel.  Formula: =IMAGE(" &data=<"&E2&">")  


I was hoping to use this function in combination with MS Word's Mail Merge to generate custom labels that contain a QR code for identifying samples.    We have an enterprise MS Office 365 Pro account.   The desktop Excel/MS Office version 2302 (Build 16130.20868).    Supposedly the IMAGE function should be available on the desktop, but it is not.   When I log in through office 365 website, or run the web version of excel with our license, the image function is there and works perfectly.  Is there any way to get an updated version of the Excel desktop app that supports this function?  



Unfortunately, when I use the online version of MS Word, I can't find a mail merge option to generate the labels from an excel file that does not have an error.  


Now I don't even know if the Word Mail Merge can be compatible with images (I hope it can, if not can someone please start working on this!)


Any suggestions to help me take multiple rows of information, condense it into a single QR code, and be able to import that image into Word for printing custom 1.28"x0.5" labels would be greatly appreciated.  

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