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I have a workbook with 13 spreadsheets: 1 spreadsheet for each month plus a spreadsheet in which yearly totals are recorded.  In each monthly spreadsheet, records are kept of items sold.  The items are kept in sequential order [item#22, item #23, item#24, item#25] – Except, on occasion an item is lost or not entered into the system [e.g. item#22, item#23, ??? item#25]  What I want to do is enter the number of the missing item [in this case, item#24] into a designated cell of the monthly spreadsheet in which the item is missing and for that cell to be linked to the yearly spreadsheet in which the yearly totals are kept.  This would make my record keeping more efficient and accurate. 

The yearly spreadsheet will need to do the following:

Cell “D5” would contain the missing item# from spreadsheet January.

Cell “D” would contain the missing item# from spreadsheet March.

And so forth.

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@Gary_Brom Without seeing your workbook it's difficult to picture what you are doing exactly. But, perhaps you want to reconsider the overall design of your workbook. Best practice suggests that you capture all orders in one table/sheet. Make sure it has a column for the order date. When you spot a missing order numbers in January, just use it March in the same sheet.


Now you can utilise one of Excel's many built-in tools to summarise transactions by month, product, customer. Whatever.