Linking cells in a table to another sheet

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I have created a spreadsheet to do restaurant costing. I set it up as a table so that I can sort my info (supplier, product, category), and included all of my various units of measure for costs (unit cost, per each, per lb, per gram, per ml, etc.) For each item in our inventory, the specific cost per unit being used in a recipe will link over to another sheet where the recipe is calculated, so that as prices change, the cost of the menu item will automatically update. 


My issue is that when when I sort the information in my table, I lose the link between the sheets. I need to be able to regularly re-sort to keep my original table clean and organized as we add product, and maintain my links to other tabs. Any suggestions? 

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You should probably use VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH formulas, but without knowing what your workbook looks like, it;s impossible to be more specific.