Is it possible to show values only once in a pivot table?

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I'm starting to question weather this should all be in one pivot table...but I have a pivot table that looks like this:


col_1   col_2   col_3  value_1 value_2

TEAM unique_ID JOB salary  OT


in my pivot there will be "duplicate rows", for example.


Team 1  ID100 Job 1  $20,000 50

  "             "      Job 2  $80,000 50


The 50 is coming from a separate OT table and is linked by unique ID not by job. So i get why it's showing twice. Is there any way to have it show for just the first instance? The total at the bottom is only 50, which is accurate. Not sure if there is a formatting/display solution or if I need to edit OT table.

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