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I am looking for a simple inventory workbook to log the number of items received for a job and the number of those items returned after job completion.

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Here a link with free templates that might help you.

Simple inventory workbook from Microsoft.


You can create a simple inventory workbook in Excel 365 to log received and returned items is quite straightforward. You can set up a basic inventory tracking system using Excel's tables and formulas. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating such a workbook:

Step 1: Set Up the Columns

In your Excel workbook, create a new sheet or use an existing one. Set up your columns with the following headers:

  • Item Name
  • Initial Quantity
  • Received
  • Returned
  • Current Quantity (to be calculated)
  • Job Details (optional)

Step 2: Data Entry

Enter the item names and their initial quantities in the "Item Name" and "Initial Quantity" columns, respectively. The "Received" and "Returned" columns will be used for data entry as items are received and returned.

Step 3: Calculate Current Quantity

In the "Current Quantity" column, you can use a formula to calculate the current quantity of each item. Assuming your initial quantity is in cell B2, received quantity is in cell C2, and returned quantity is in cell D2, enter the following formula in cell E2:

excelCopy code


Then, drag the fill handle down to copy this formula for all the rows with item data. This formula will automatically calculate the current quantity based on the initial quantity, items received, and items returned.

Step 4: Record Job Details (Optional)

In the "Job Details" column, you can add information about the job related to each item if needed. This can help you track which job required the items and when.

Step 5: Data Entry and Tracking

Whenever you receive items for a job, enter the quantity in the "Received" column for the respective item row. Similarly, when items are returned after job completion, enter the quantity in the "Returned" column.

The "Current Quantity" column will update automatically based on the received and returned quantities.

Step 6: Formatting and Customization

You can format your worksheet for better readability and add any additional customization you need. You can also use conditional formatting to highlight rows with low stock or other relevant conditions.

This basic Excel inventory workbook allows you to track items received and returned for different jobs while automatically calculating the current quantity. You can expand and customize it further based on your specific requirements. The text and steps were created with the help of AI.


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