Excel signature and formulas protection problem

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I am now using digital signature for my excel, but there are formulas inside cells and I would like to hide it. However, it seems to be unable to protect the formula in excel file and create an e-signature at the same time.

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When you apply a digital signature to an Excel file, it is primarily used to verify the authenticity and integrity of the file, ensuring that it has not been tampered with since the signature was applied. Protecting the formulas in cells with worksheet or workbook protection and applying a digital signature are two separate functionalities in Excel. Unfortunately, these features may not work together seamlessly in the way you desire.

Here are a couple of important points to consider:

  1. Digital Signatures and Excel Protection:
    • Excel allows you to protect a worksheet or workbook by setting a password. This protection can include locking cells and hiding formulas, but it typically does not involve digital signatures.
    • Digital signatures are a separate feature used for file integrity and authenticity, and they may not directly interact with Excel's protection features.
  2. Protecting Formulas and Digital Signatures:
    • If you want to protect formulas from being viewed or edited by users, you can hide the formula bar, protect the worksheet or workbook, and lock the cells containing formulas. However, this doesn't directly relate to digital signatures.
    • Applying a digital signature should not affect the ability to protect formulas using Excel's built-in protection features.
  3. Consider File Access Control:
    • If you want to restrict access to your Excel file to only authorized users while also protecting formulas, you might consider using file-level security features, such as password-protecting the entire Excel workbook.
    • Additionally, you can consider using third-party software or encryption methods to enhance file security.

In summary, while you can use Excel's protection features to hide formulas, these features may not be directly tied to the application of digital signatures. You may need to implement a combination of worksheet/workbook protection and file-level security measures to achieve your desired level of formula protection and document integrity. Additionally, Excel's features and compatibility can vary based on the specific version and settings you are using, so it is essential to test and verify how they work in your environment.The text and steps were created with the help of AI.

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