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I sell items at craft fairs every year and I'm trying to create a formula in Excel to assist with tracking this that goes slightly beyond the basic subtraction.  For example, if cell E2 is my inventory before the event, F2 is my inventory after the event, G2 is the number of inventory sold at the event.  BUT if F2 is blank I want G2 to reflect 0.  How do I set that formula up?

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In G2 it could be


Thank you.  I'll try that too.  I did find if I created a hidden column G, I was able to use the IFS formula in column H.


That's a bit different logic behind. In your first screenshort Sold was in G2, now it is in H2 and not clear what G2 means


Your formula works well so I switch it to that.  Thank you for your help!

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